Indonesian Paraffin Wax Manufacturer and Refinery


  1. Candle Blend Wax
  • SFW5806
  • CBW581


  1. Toilet Gasket Ring Wax
  • SFW6002
  • SFW6003
  • SW7525


  1. Batik Wax
  • SMW60

SMW60 is a high melting point paraffin wax, specially formulated as a raw material in making malam for batik application.

  1. Masterbatch Blend Wax
  • SFW9001F

Special Formulated Wax 9001F (SFW9001F) is a high melting point formulated wax, containing mostly straight paraffin chain. It used as a raw material in adhesive industries, PVC lubricant, masterbatch, paint and coating.


  1. Anticaking Wax
  • Kiracoat 5301

Kiracoat 5301 is a wax specially formulated for use as an anti-caking agent in the fertilizer industry. It has good coating ability, thus preventing the formation of clumps in the fertilizer during storage.


  1. Fruit Coating Wax
  • Kiracoat 5501
  1. Plasticine Based Wax
  • Kiraplas 6801

Kiraplas 6801 is a plasticine wax, specially formulated to have high elasticity and soft texture. It can be used as a raw material for the manufacture of plasticine products.                           


  1. Packaging Wax
  • SFW5801

Special Formulated Wax 5801 (SFW5801) is a medium melting point paraffin wax contained mostly n-paraffin branch, which is specially formulated for paper or corrugated carton box wax lining/coating application by impregnation. Higher melting point for fast drying, higher elasticity to prevent cracks of coating as well as slight slickness to reduce sticking of coated paper or cartons.


  1. Jelly Wax
  • JWD6801

JWD6801 is soft microcrystalline slack wax contained mostly branched paraffin. The product is yellow semisolid and with light amber clear liquid. It is used in many applications such as petroleum jelly, lubricant, release agent and various protective coating.


Kirana’s Special Formulated Wax is a product that is specially formulated based on the need for use in more specific applications such as candle blend, toilet gasket ring, batik, masterbatch blend, anti-caking agent, plasticine, packaging and jelly wax.

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