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Paraffin wax is a white almost colourless solid which is derived from the crude oil during the production of lubricating oils. It consists of a mixture of hydrocarbons with carbon numbers between 20 to 45, which is solid in room temperature and have a melting point between 48°C to 66°C.

Paraffin wax are classified by the degree of refinement. The crude version is classified as slack wax, it's the by product of dewaxing process of lubricating oils, typically contains an oil content of 20% or higher. This is the raw material of the paraffin wax production. The slightly refined or semi refined paraffin wax has an oil content of 1% to 5% and have a white color. The highest refined paraffin wax is classisifed as the fully refined which has on oil content of less than 0.5% and have a translucent colour.

Paraffin Wax Classification

A. By Oil Content
  • Fully Refined Paraffin Wax: Oil Content <0.5%
  • Semi Refined Paraffin Wax: Oil Content <2%
  • Scale Refined Paraffin Wax: Oil Content <5%
  • Slack Wax: Oil Content >15%
B. By Melting Point
  • High Melting Point: Melting Point >62°C
  • Medium Melting Point: Melting Point 55°C-60°C
  • Low Melting Point: Melting Point <55°C
C. By Hardness
  • Hard Wax: Needle Penetration <25 dmm@25°C
  • Soft Wax: Needle Penetration >30 dmm@25°C