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We Manufacture Wax, We Know Wax

PT Kirana Mitraabadi is an Indonesian-based Petroleum Wax manufacturer. Kirana has been focusing on the manufacturing, refining and distribution of petroleum wax, base oil and their derivatives.

Manufacturing our own wax allow us to provide customized product with consistent quality and reliable supply continuity for your organization.

Our long-term partnership goal with Pertamina is to reduce the large import dependence of paraffin wax, supplying all local needs, improving locally sourced raw materials to value added products, inline with country policy to support local industries with local raw materials as much as applicable.

Customized products at your finger tips

Customized products and solutions are just a phone call away!

Manufacturing experience allows us to fully understand client's needs and requirement. We are commited to bring the best quality products for all your production need.

We have worked closely with various industries local and overseas. We realized the different needs of our clients, let us work with you to find the most effective and eficient ways to fullfill your wax needs.



Exporting to Different Countries

PT Kirana Mitraabadi started exporting more paraffin wax products to various countries beginning in 2015. We are currently continuously shipping to various Asian countries and to the United States of America.


ISO 9001:2008 Certification

We have achieved our ISO 9001:2008 certification to further ensure Kirana's commitment for delivering the highest product quality.


Export to Japan

Exporting products to Japan was one of our prime achievement to show our dedication to fulfill quality expectation not only in the local market, but also in the global market.


Partnership with Pertamina

Kirana obtained an exclusive partnership with Pertamina for the manufacturing and marketing of Paraffin Wax.


Founding of the Company

PT Kirana Mitraabadi was founded in Jakarta, Indonesia, along with the wax manufacturing and refining plant started operation.


To be in the Top 10 of wax producers and solutions providers in the world.

Kirana will be the leading manufacturing and sales company of petroleum wax, natural wax, synthetic wax and it’s derivatives, as a producer and a solution provider in Indonesia.


  • To improve the nation and the people of Indonesia, by processing wax raw materials into a higher value added product.
  • To provide high quality products at a competitive price and superior service which meet and exceed the market expectation, which in turn will improve our business as well as our customer business.
  • To build a continuously improving by learning organization, to improve human resources capability and also moral quality of our employees.

  • To ensure the right products consistently delivered to clients, along with quality management and related services that meet and exceed client's requirement.
  • To ensure the least defect and by products are produced, combined with constantly continuing improvement on a sustainable basis which result on company's competitive advantage.
  • To sustain continuous improvement on knowledge, skills, professionalism and integrity of all our human resources.
  • To sustain continuous involvement of all employees to build on company values.
  • To ensure strict compliance to the laws and regulation of Indonesia.